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Book Review: Slouch Witch

Rating: 4.5/5 –  Very entertaining

Slouch Witch, by Helen Harper, is a light-hearted urban fantasy full of comedic twists. The story revolves around a lazy witch named Ivy who is actually quite talented, but would much rather stay at home watching TV than do anything productive. This all changes when she is mistakenly bound to Raphael Winter, a high-ranking investigator with the Hallowed Order of Magical Enlightenment. Needless to say, he has little patience for Ivy’s nonsense.

Throughout the book, Winter and Ivy are forced to work together while solving crimes, sharing many humorous scenes along the way. They’re great with each other, but Ivy is also hilarious on her own. She’s not afraid to say exactly what’s on her mind.

Slouch Witch is a funny and fast-paced novel, and I smiled my way through much of this book. If you’re looking for an entertaining read about magic this Halloween, this one just might do the trick.


Thinking About Self-Publishing

While continuing to pursue traditional publishing for other novels, I’m considering self-publishing my comedy/urban fantasy adventure series, “I Chose the Wrong Hero.” As I go, I’m planning to blog about my progress, successes, failures, and anything else I learn along the way.

From everything I’ve heard, it’s best to wait until you have at least three books nearly ready to go before you self-publish anything. So, going by that strategy, I still have a fair amount of writing to do. I just finished the first draft of the first book, and am currently alternating between editing it and writing the sequel.

I’ve been doing my best to write between 500 and 1500 words a day. Some days, it’s a piece of cake to write well over 1000 words, but other days, it’s a struggle to even get 300. Whatever the case, I’ve been finding that pushing myself to write even when I really don’t feel like it helps keep me from writing lows where I don’t touch my manuscript for weeks. Also, Nanowrimo is just around the corner, which is always good motivation to push a little harder.

I’m really looking forward to completing this series, which should be sometime 2018 at the rate things are going. It’s been so much fun to write, especially developing the main character’s relationship with her sassy cat-familiar/mentor.

Blurb: When shy witch Trillarah Vex is selected to announce the annual hero of the city, the last thing she expects is to see her own name written in the stars. In a panic, she picks Riley Harada at random out of the crowd and names him the hero in her place. Now, she has to save the city while making Riley and everyone else believe it’s his work. It wouldn’t be possible if not for her heroic blessing, which gives her the ability to swap bodies with a kiss. However, she soon finds out that keeping two bodies alive with one soul in the Spirit Realm is easier said than done.

Book Review

Book Review: The Unicorn in the Barn

The Unicorn in the Barn – Rating 4.5/5

I decided to try out the Owlcrate Jr. box last month because once I saw that the theme was to be “Magical Creatures,” I just couldn’t help myself. The book was The Unicorn in the Barn by Jacqueline K. Ogburn and it was completely adorable.

The book is about a boy named Eric whose family recently had to sell off a portion of their property. He soon discovers that his new neighbors, a veterinarian and her daughter, not only treat the local pets, but take care of magical creatures as well. He takes a special interest in the pregnant unicorn that they are caring for in their barn.

Eric gets a part time job helping around the vet clinic so that he can keep close to the unicorn. He enjoys learning about treating both pets and magical creatures, but he learns some hard lessons along the way. He has to deal with death and the reality that not every sickness or injury can be cured.

Overall, the book is light-hearted and fun. It’s full of magical creatures, beautiful illustrations, and is just downright adorable. The only downside is that there is a bit of language in one spot. Not enough to keep me from recommending it, but I do think it should be mentioned.

Book Review

Book Review: Eliza and Her Monsters

Rating: 5/5, I loved every minute of it!

I got this book from the May Owlcrate box. The box was amazing and came with all sorts of book/comic related goodies. It’s definitely something I plan to continue getting every month.

Eliza and Her Monsters tells the story of the shy creator of an extremely popular webcomic. While she has no friends in school, she is very active online. Throughout the book, Eliza constantly battles with social anxiety, and it’s nice to see a well done portrayal of how isolating it can be.

The characters are all refreshingly nerdy, and I love the way that Eliza and Wallace interact. But perhaps my favorite thing about the book is that there are pictures of the webcomic characters and descriptions of Eliza’s comic world throughout. It’s a really nice touch.

This is a very entertaining book is about doing what you love and finding your own voice. I highly recommend it.